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What Are Readers Saying About Nine Notches?

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A Few Of My Thoughts About Nine Notches! 

You Will Become Emotionally Invested In This Novel

In his debut novel, the author takes us on a turbulent ride across the cobblestone roads in New Orleans French Quarter, a treasured tale that spans from 1835 until current day. Nine Notches is two brilliantly woven stories that eventually collide in your life, leaving you wanting more pages to turn.

With a narrative voice of a master Skald, this phenom of an author has the incredible skill set to place you on the auction block and sell you off to the highest bidder, and then cart you away in a dry rotted buggy.

Take A Tour Through The Sites Found In Nine Notches

In the novel Nine Notches you will encounter several historic landmark locations that for the backdrop and setting. To enhance your experience, I have listed most of them with clickable pictures and Google Maps. Enjoy!

  1. Nine Notches Bernard de Marigny
    Bernard de Marigny
    In the Novel Nine Notches: Beatrice is the bi-racial child of Bernard de Marigny
  2. Nine Notches Clarice house
    Clarice Plantation Life
    In the early pages of the novel we see the contentious relationship between Clarice and Beatrice. This photo captures where where Clarice would have lived in worked.
  3. The St. Louis Hotel New Orleans Slave Auction
    The St. Louis Hotel New Orleans Slave Auction
    The St. Louis Hotel was a high volume slave auction
  4. Slavery Auctions in New Orleans
    Beatrice Slave Auction
    The open Act of Nine Notches builds up to an auction scene in which Beatrice hits the block last. This photo captures an actual auction in the St Louis Hotel New Orleans; by William Henry Brooke, engraver; engraving with watercolor from The Slave States of America, vol. 1; London: Fisher and Son, 1842
  5. St. Louis Hotel Slave Auction Block
    St. Louis Hotel Slave Block
    Beatrice and Clarice would have stood on this exact block during their auction. This item currently sits (similar) in the New Orleans Collection.
  6. Brenda Fortier Residence
    Brenda Fortier Residence
    Here is a side view of the Steven and Brenda Fortier home in the Garden District of New Orleans.
  7. Marie Laveau grave
    Mair Laveau Grave
    Here is the famous tourists attraction - the grave site of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau
  8. free women of color
    Beatrice Mother: Free Woman Of Color St Dominique
    In the novel Bernard Marigny has a mistress from St. Dominique that he moves to the corner of Rampart and St. Roch.

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Book Of The Year 2019


Hey TJ, What's New?


The volumes of research from my novel Nine Notches has been uploaded to a website  called Slavery Facts. 

It covers slavery in New Orleans, and the entire Transatlantic Slave Trade, Civil War implications, and Reconstruction. 

If you love history, then you will love SlaveryFacts.org. 

Check It Out